GEreports.com is a simple, no-frills-way of communicating what’s happening at GE. Our goal is to be a resource for people who are interested in learning more about GE.

This Web site and our companion YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/gereports, offer photos and videos, news and human interest stories, viewpoints on important issues, and corrections and clarifications to the public record regarding our company.

Who we are:
The GEreports.com team is made up of four communicators at GE:

Gary Sheffer – “The boss”

Gary is a marathon-running father of four who consumes an enormous amount of news daily. Coming from a journalism background, Gary has been in communications for 27 years and at GE for 10. Gary graduated from Siena College with a degree in English.

Sean Gannon – “The media guy”

As managing editor, Sean corrals stories from across the great GE range. Although he has a corporate communications background, he’s also notched his belt at The New York Post, Fox News, Star magazine and The Charleston Gazette, where he broke the story about the I-64 truck stop that featured one pound of bacon on every BLT. In his free time, he introduces his 10-year-old to the important things in life, like Mel Brooks movies.

Megan Parker – “The enthusiast”

Megan is a communicator, an avid baker and a true NY Yankees fan. In high school she came to the harsh realization that she would not be a professional athlete or a Broadway star, so communications seemed an appropriate alternative. Megan is the eighth member of her family to graduate from Syracuse University, where she studied public relations and policy studies.

Danya Jimenez – “The techy”

Danya loves photography, food and travel. A graduate of Media studies at Sacred Heart University, she’s previously worked in broadcasting as a video editor — and puts those skills to work helping to create GE Reports’ videos and podcasts. You’ll also see her design handiwork on our photos and image galleries. Her weekends are spent making photo equipment ‘wish lists’ and trying local restaurants.