An Update From our Information Security Officer on the GE Hoax

This week, GE was the target of a major hoax aimed at disseminating false information about our tax policies and practices. The Information Security Team at GE is continuously monitoring these developments in order to [...]

GE Takes Huge Leap Toward More Affordable, Accessible Solar

In the world of renewable energy, cost and efficiency are key to making the technology affordable. Today, GE announced the highest-ever reported efficiency for CdTe thin film solar panels — a huge step toward making more solar available and affordable on a large scale. To make the technology, GE plans [...]

How It Works: Thin Film Solar, Turning the Sun Into Power (Video)

Solar is the next step in GE’s growing renewable energy portfolio — not to mention a key part of its ecomagination commitment to drive the production and use of clean energy technology through innovation and R&D investment.

Water Reuse Gains as Urban & Industrial Demand is Set to Double

With Saudi Arabia facing an increasing demand for water to support its rapid population and economic growth, GE just wrapped up its two day “Used to Useful” Water Reuse Summit in the country. The goal was to explore water reuse solutions that can support Saudi Arabia and the region in [...]

Five Percent of World’s Gas is Wasted Through Flaring

A photo of gas flaring says it all — in a time when energy is scarce, unused fuel is burning away. A new report by GE estimates that 5 percent of the world’s natural gas production is wasted by burning or “flaring” unused gas each year — an amount equivalent [...]